Nausea & Burping?

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Nausea & Burping?

I'm feeling like crap. This kid is so making me earn him/her. I had NO symptoms with DD in the first trimester so I am at a loss and really just want to sleep all day and not move until the second trimester.

Tonight, I am having nausea like always, but instead of vomiting like I feel like I need to I just keep burping ... Has anyone else experienced this? It is so weird and extremely uncomfortable ! !

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i'm not having nausia anymore but i'm still tired... but i've heard that when you are nausious sometimes you swallow air not knowing it and it makes you gassy. my dr said i could use mylanta and i've felt much better with that.

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Oooo. I had that during my last pregnancy. That sucks!

I find that sucking on cough drops really helps.

Your perspective is great!

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I have nausea and keep on burping the whole day too. I vomited my guts all through DS pregnancy. This time I'm not actually vomiting but do have the nausea.

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sorry I have no advice. You are not alone.....this sucks.