Need Advice on Twin Boy Names

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Need Advice on Twin Boy Names

HI there ladies!

I do apologize I never find the time to get on here :/ looks like everyone is getting along well! And Merry Christmas to all!!!!! We are having twin boys, due in March, and are having a bit of trouble with NAMES... I want the names to 'go' together... the first names are finalized, Colin and Cruse, but having problems with the middles.... I really like Cruse Hudson, but what would sort of go/sound similiar to Hudson, to go with Colin.... ANY IDEAS??? Hubby really likes Colin Maxwell, and Cruse Hudson.. but I really think I would prefer something more similiar along the same lines of Hudson...

Thanks in advance!

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Lurking....I actually like Colin Maxwell, but you could try:

Colin Grayson
Colin Hayden
Colin Easton
Colin Drake
Colin Gray
Colin Reid
Colin Maddox
Colin Willis

I'm liking a one syllable middle name for Colin, since Cruse is one Syllable. I got these names from the baby name wizard. Hudson was in the "British Isle" category along with these other middle names.

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thanks so much for your input! i appreciate it!