NYE plans?

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NYE plans?

Anyone planning anything fun for NYE? For 1st time Moms this will be your last true kid free year (yes you can get a sitter but let me tell you it's not the same staying out late and still having to get up in the morning lol) for BTDT Moms what do you usually do?

This year is going to be our first ever kid free NYE since DH and I met. DD's b'day is Dec 31st and with one exception when she was 4 (she went to her Nana's for a sleepover) she and I have never been apart for ringing in the NY. This year her BioDad actually asked if he can have her for the night, I am very nervous about how the next day will go but almost kind of excited that we can go to a party with other grown ups!

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My mother and her fiance are coming up to visit for a few days. Otherwise, we've really stopped doing NYE in the last couple of years--stopped being important to us somehow.

As a BTDT mom, yeah, we can't get away for a date easily, but we really don't want to. We generally get a date night once a month when my mother visits, but if we stay out more than a couple hours, it just turns into a miserable experience because we miss the kids. Since ds1 really fights bedtime, too, we've started having our dates earlier in the evening, getting home around 8 pm. I know that there's a lot of advice that you should make a point of having alone time with your spouse, but our boys play together well enough that we get plenty of opportunity anyway. The main benefit to dates for us is the opportunity to have dinner someplace that the boys couldn't handle.