Odd AF????

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Odd AF????

My AF was weird i spotted off and on the 18th then had a medium flow on the 19th (cd1) and yesterday it was a pretty light flow, then today it was just a little bit of spotting and not much cm at all. This is like the AFs I get when on BCP not when I am off and ttc or after giving birth which is what I did on 4-19 though to a much lesser degree than a full term birth. I am confused my last AF on May 23 (the first after m/c Noah) was heavy and long which I expected. Do you think I didn't build up a good enough lining after that and that's why maybe I didn't get preggo and would explain the light AF? It was (TMI) mostly brown or rusty colored though there was a bit of red blood too which also isn't normal for me usually it's brown at first then turns red pretty quickly. I've heard there are natural meds to help build your lining do any of you know what they are? And no I don't think it could have been implantation bleeding it was too heavy that first day for that plus I've had terrible cramps and the symptom I did have went away for the most part.

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AF has been weird for me as well, except in the opposite direction. If I include the first day of spotting, AF and the last day of spotting, I had TWENTY days of at least partial bleeding! What a pain.

Anyways, from what I understand, B6 is good! I've been taking a B complex vitamin this month (B6, B12, and folic acid), so although I would rather get a BFP than AF, I'm curious to see if AF is different as a result.