OMGerrrr I hate OPKs!

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OMGerrrr I hate OPKs!

I'm seriously PO'd at DH for telling me not to buy the digi OPKs! He balked at the expense and they are quite pricey I agree but I swear I'm gonna go cross eyed trying to decipher these suckers. I'm pretty sure none of these are quite + but I'm having my normal O pains , bloating, etc. My avg. O is cd 15 but of course it varies the latest I've gone is cs 19. But I'm really feeling it now which leads me to think I am O'ing now or will soon. CD 12 was stark white but the first test here is CD 13 pm then CD 14 am (11 today) then cd 14 (10 pm today) I'm confused bc I really thought tonight's would be a blazing + and it is lighter than the others. I'm not one to have a big progression but normally I have a kind of + test then a very + test or two then a slightly not + test. So if tomorrows isn't + IDK what to think? I guess I did drink a lot tonight but I held my pee for 3 hrs before testing. What do you guts think?

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I've had OPK that got nearly + then faded then blazing + later. I say when in doubt = BD like there's no tomorrow!

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I agree... if you are feeling all that trust your body more than the OPK... I would BD every other day. Get some IC OPK's they look like they work better and are cheaper. Amazon has a great price for them too.

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I agree, none of them look positive. If you don't have time to buy them online, I like the Answer brand, they come 20 to a tube (have to use them up in one cycle is the downfall).

I think the digital would be nice, but you'd get no fade-in warning which I like on the cheapies.

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I have ICs now. I was out though so I got the equate ones and figured I'd use them up first. And yes we've been BDing like crazy lol. W took a break last night but will be back on the horse again tonight.

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I did OPKs for a couple of months and they confused the heck out of me... I finally just started to go by my body syptoms (cm, in particular) and BD'd when it looked the best... and, got pregnant right away. With the sticks I have just found too much room for error. I agree with PP... just BD for the next few nights (or at least every other night) and see what happens. you know your body the best Smile