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    I've always been very prone to utis. I get one about every 3-4 months but no Dr I've seen wants to take that seriously.

    I have one now and its killing me. I'm pretty sure I'm contracting and I have nasty back pains too. My insurance cards havent shown up so I plan to call the company and request my #s and stuff.

    Cross your fingers for me that they give them to me so I can see someone today! I tried flushing it out yesterday and that didn't help so I need an antibiotic.

    **UPDATE** I didn't have problems getting my insurance #'s thankfully. The dr said the culture was pretty bad. They don't seem to be worried that it's in my kidney's or anything but it wasn't just a minor UTI. They gave me a scrip for pyridium which I didn't know was safe during pregnancy (but they insist it is) and keflex...which I have problems with but they said they can't give me anything else b/c of being pregnant and having drug allergies. So hopefully it gets rid of the uti without causing other problems for me.
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