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This is just crazy.

I am 5'8" and not skinny--not fat, just not skinny. I also have a huge pelvis, so I carry my babies low from the beginning. They have lots of room to hide. Because of that, and the fact that I don't like wearing anything with a low waist, I've never really showed before 5 months--and even then, I can just pass for fat, depending on what I wear.

I look 5 months along right now. I feel it too.

I know women tend to show earlier with each successive pregnancy, but this is a bit ridiculous! For those keeping track, this is pregnancy #6 and baby #3, for me. My losses were all early, so I don't think they count for contributing to the whole showing earlier thing.

Is anyone else having a similar experience?

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As of 6 weeks I couldn't button my pants, even my yoga pants were uncomfortable! Now at 10 weeks I'm looking about 5 to 6 months along. In fact I'm as big as our friend who is due in September!

I'm not skinny either, I'm way heavier than I'd like - mostly from weight gain due to TTC (my body is very odd, I gain weight OFF B/C and lose when on it) so I was expecting to hide it much longer. I didn't show early with my daughter but I was huge and all belly. I don't have a large pelvis, and I have almost no hips to speak of either.

People are asking if we know what we're having yet, I don't like to say I'm not even out of the 1st trimester! It's kind of embarrassing lol

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:lurk: This isn't my first pregnancy, but all of my losses were early as well - however, I have no kids and I'm 6 weeks today. My work pants are uncomfortable and my shorts? ha.. I have to stand up the entire time I'm wearing them.