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Thread: prepared for the magical time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaraJean View Post
    Wow you are gonna have 5 & the oldest one is 7 !!!!!! WOW! Good for you. I have a hard time juggling what I have going but it is nothing compared to you. Good for getting a nanny. I am still jealous even though you need & deserve one more than me.

    lol yeah, it's just temporary, until we get settled. All in all, we're able to balance everything.

    The time is drawing near!

    Are you all excited? Nervous? Everything?

    I don't know where all the birth boarders went.... they all disappeared.

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    I am ready/ I hate to wish a baby early or time to go by but this is by far my hardest pregnancy. I thought I might try for another within two years but as of now I would have to say I don't think I could do this again (who knows in a year when time fools me into remebering it was bad but not that bad).


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    Tara after my 1st I was terrified of how things would go during a second pregnancy. I didn't find out for a long time though because my ex had a vasectomy (he didn't want kids to start with). This one has been difficult but overall not nearly as bad as the last. However the end of this one is dragging on.

    I've had start/stop labor several times in the last week with semi regular contractions in between... this baby needs to come NOW! And now, I'm sick - ugh I feel horrible (stuffy, sore ears and throat and no energy) I knew I was getting run down from this week

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