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QOTD: 9/12

Are you planning to find out the gender?

Whether you are or not, why have you chosen the way you have?

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We will be finding out the gender, although my personal preference is not to.

As Jews, we believe in circumcising a boy at 8 days. Finding out the gender in advance allows us to plan a little bit ahead of time--reserving the doctor, and letting our congregation know they need to be in town around that time if they want to go to the ceremony.

This time, though, there will be an added benefit to finding out. My dad is now allowed to enjoy being a grandpa, because he's single (my stepmom hated my being pregnant). So this time, he will watch the u/s via webcam. In addition to it being special on a personal level, he's into science, so seeing what they can do with u/s these days will be fascinating for him.

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We plan to find out. Either at our 20w u/s next month or the 4D in November.

I'm hoping to find out next month and have a chance to do a gender reveal surprise for our families. My MIL is dying to find out. She asked me after my 6w u/s if we knew! Lol. In the even we have to wait for the 4D both sets of parents will be there as will my DD and my grandmother so they will all find out then. They all get to watch on a big plasma tv (oh the fantastic benefits of private clinics!)
It was not an option with my DD due to hospital policy back then but now they will give that info thankfully!

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We are finding out !

We made our final choice because of DD. We want to be able to call the baby by name and tell DD it is a brother or a sister. We hope that this will help her when baby does finally come. My office does a U/S around 22 weeks, hopefully it will be scheduled for October 26th, but we don't have a sure date yet.

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We are finding out even though I would kind of like to be surprised. Ed wants to know. I told him, that since I probably have to go without him, I could just tell them that I don't want to know Blum 3 and he said, "well then I could say that you can't buy anything for the baby until we know the gender" LOL. He's a stinker. He REALLY wants to know and there's no way for him to know and not me because he'll just slip up.

Also, I'm hoping that once he knows the gender, he'll actually start thinking of names!

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We are finding out!!!
We will find out on Oct. 16th. at the 3D/4D appointment. We just have to know. lol