Is round ligament pain possible when not pg?

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Is round ligament pain possible when not pg?

I don't ever remember having it outside either of my pregnancies.
Is it possibly though that it can happen without all those hormones?

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I've never had it unless I was pg. I'm getting it on both sides already if I stand up too fast or something but I never had it before I tested Pos

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There are other things that can feel similar to RL pain but I can't remember what any of them are at the moment. RL pain is due to the ligaments that support the uterus being stretched as the uterus grows. I'd think that would mean you should only feel it once the uterus has started to significantly grow.

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Never had it when not pg either. It starts early with me too.

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It happens when I get out of bed too quickly, if I turn the wrong way. I know it's RL, as I have felt that before with both of my pregnancies. I noticed it for the first time 2 days ago and it has happened a few times since then. I have not experienced it in the 2.5 years I have not been PG.

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I got it very early with my first pregnancy (before a BFP) but (5 years later) I'm starting to get it almost every cycle before AF arrives. So I guess it is possible to get the same sensation, sharp pulling feeling when getting up too fast or twisting in your chair, even if you aren't pregnant.