So ... March.

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So ... March.

So I'm just wondering if there is anything special about March or close to your EDD if you are successful this cycle?

My brother's were both born in March but I probably wouldn't make it to either of their birthdays (14th & 25th) and so was my aunt (26th). The beginning of the year is hectic for birthdays in our family so we will be adding to that if get pg. We have 9 birthdays in less than 3 months Smile

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My brother was born in March (21st) but other than that not a whole lot. Pretty much any month would be good for DH and I as we don't really have to plan around anything.

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Not much we actually don't have a March bday with our 6 kids yet. However I will be induced by 39 wks if I do get pg so it would be the end of Feb. for the actual bday. And we gave one feb bday dd, then my dad, brother, niece, nephew, BIL, and aunt are all feb too.

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my nephew has a March birthday but that's it. not much going on either.. it'd be a perfect month for a baby I think Smile

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The baby we lost was due in March, so I'd actually rather avoid it. But since I'm not getting any younger and this is our 4th cycle trying, I can't really skip a month. My prediction from Cheri said September (either birth month, find out month or conception month). If find out month is September, I'll be skipping March, cycle too long to make April, and then have a May due date....I guess I am okay with that.

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My birthday is March 16 my sister Birthday is March 19, Bro-In-Law March 26
DH( 1/16) and DS(1/ 8 ) so it would be cute to have this baby due in march like me:rolleyes:

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My cousin's b'day is March 26th, other than that I don't think we have any other b'days. Our busy months are June/July and December.

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Our busiest months are the summer months so March/April would be great. DH's birthday is in February and mine is in May so it would be positioned pretty well I think.

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we have a few birthdays in March, but not us and not our kids. We want a spring baby and there's a good chance my EDD would be right around the 1st day of spring. Wink

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I like March because we hardly have any birthdays at all that month in our families! February is super busy, as well as April, so it'd be nice to have birthdays spaced out.