Soooo tired

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Soooo tired

I (stupidly) made an appointment for BOTH my dogs with the vet for their shots for the same time, thinking it would be easier - next time I suggest that slap me please!

Imagine trying to wrangle 150lbs of dog total - plus they are 'jealous' and both try to get all the attention....

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I feel your pain.
I took my 1 to the vets and he's nightmare enough on his own!!!
Yours are sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh my gosh. I can only imagine!

We did the same thing today, I took both of my (small) dogs to the vet today. I'm regretting g it because of the SIX HUNDRED dollar bill! I should have become a vet.

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UGH I used to do that all the time. I have a pit mix and had a schnoodle (schnauzer poodle mix) and used to take them both at the same time. Last time I did it I had to put the little one in a grocery cart so they didn't kill each other (they have been fighing alot) and it was so hard! We found a new home for the little one cuz he was 9 and starting to get snippy with the kids too Sad