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Spill it...

Well ladies how was everyone's weekend? Did anyone do anything exciting?

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I worked half a day yesterday and then sat on my butt on the couch the rest of the day. Today, the $hit hit the fan. I made plans with a friend. DH calls me, sounds like he's in a hurry at 11 in the morning saying we're going over his moms for dinner and it'll be around 5. I said okay, he doesn't get off 'til 330, so I figure we are gonna meet at his moms. The phone went dead, so I figured he hung up on me. He didn't call me for the rest of the day. I was at his moms, at 5 he called me and asked where I was. I said at his moms. He got all huffy and said he was at home and had been there since 12, so apparently he thought I was coming home and we'd go to his moms together, but he NEVER CALLED TO TELL ME THAT. He never called to tell me he was getting off early. How was I supposed to know that? So I go home, and thank god he wasn't angry. I wasn't sure how my mood was gonna be when I got home, because I was mad but also upset ... but everything ended up okay. Now just relaxing 'til bedtime.

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Tiring. Dh has been working this weekend, and he won't be home until late tonight (doing an event about 3 hours away). That's a political job for ya! Part of it, though, is that our holidays start tomorrow, so he's taking some time off work. Tomorrow we get up early to head to synagogue for Yom Teruah, and that's 1.5 hours away with two toddlers and my bladder in the car. It'll be interesting. But at least we get to spend time with a lot of good friends! Biggrin

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Had a good weekend Smile Nothing too exciting just relaxing and spending time with the family. DH worked today and DD and I went to church and lunch with my parents and then to the park to play.

Tonight we had Subway for dinner and bought some moving boxes. We started packing up stuff that we don't need to get the process of moving going. We are leaning more towards December now than April as originally planned. I am being soooo organized with this move though and using a lot of the awesome tips from my other post Smile I am numbering each box & writing the room on it and then typing up a separate list to have with what is in each box. It's taking more time now, but I know it will be a lifesaver when we are unpacking!

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Well, yesterday hubby and I got a late start b/c his neck hurts (he slept at his moms to help out and didn't sleep very well) but we ended up getting food from Sheetz (weird but we like it lol) and getting a $5 movie from walmart (the butterfly effect) and watching that together. That was after we "bought a monitor from my brother" (read: he didn't have gas money and won't ask for help but asked if we wanted to buy his monitor so we did- for his benefit) and dropped off food at their house that we weren't eating because of DS2's food allergies.

Today we went to Dunkin Donuts so that I could indulge in some pumpkin goodness and then we went to the laundromat. We have way too many articles of clothing and we're very behind on laundry so we washed 4 loads at once to help us get caught up before the move. After we were done, we dropped a bag of the freshly laundered clothing off at the thrift store.

My mom had the boys so it seemed like a good day to get some stuff done. Smile

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We had a really good weekend up until yesterday.

We drove home Friday after DH got off work, his parents had a bonfire going for when we got here and we hung out with his folks and grandparents.

Saturday we woke up early, had a nice visit with MY folks after breakfast, dropped DD off to my grandmother (YAY free babysitting!) and did some shopping. We had tickets to a Harvest Jazz and Blues concert then met another couple for supper afterwards. She's also pregnant and my DH and her DH have been bff's since they were 6. I think it's special that they are having kids at the same time now. After dinner we went to see a movie (Lawless, very gory). I can't remember the last time we had so much fun!

Yesterday however I wasn't feeling great and it got worse throughout the day Sad by the time DD and I got home last night I barely made it into the house before I threw up! I've been sick some this pregnancy but I've not had any trouble holding food down until yesterday. I went to bed as soon as I got DD down and called DH (he's away for 2 days on a business trip). Hope to get back to routine today and fingers crossed that I feel better!