Tested this morning

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Tested this morning

Another BFN...but I'm having waves of nausa and still having mild cramping off and on .....I think AF us just

torching me............. If:witch: not here monday, I will test again....

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REALLY hoping it's just baby getting snuggly!!! 12DPO is still early, I only had a faint + at 15DPO....

fingers crossed!

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Definitely sounds like it could be early preggo signs- keeping my fingers crossed for a nice BFP in the next few days!

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I started having nausea on Sunday. Wednesday I got a BFN and then Friday I got a BFP. It is still early like crystal said.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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Thanks ladies...I hope so!!

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I hope you get your BFP soon Smile

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it's still early! I can't wait for you to retest. do you have IC tests? I test everyday from 9 or 10DPO with those LOL I know i'm CRAZY!!!!!

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Sounds really promising! I usually get nauseous early on if I'm pg too before I test even! GL!