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What is everyone doing? I hadn't even thought about it but SIL was asking me what I was planning today lol. My parents like to try to monopolize the holidays so I think SIL was trying to suggest that I host dinner here.

Last time I did that, my mom was incredibly rude (and made comments like stuffing!?!?!") so I told SIL that I was really hurt after all of that- since I cooked dinner by myself and then my mom was so hurtful about it.

What kinds of foods does your family typically eat? We usually do turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and some veggies. When my mom does sweet potatoes, she mashes them exactly like if they were mashed potatoes and then tops them w/marshmallows. When SIL makes them, she chunks them and glazes them with brown sugary yummy goodness.

and then pie. I love cherry and DH loves blueberry so we always have at least those. Smile

I am so thrilled to even be able to think about Thanksgiving without feeling sick!!

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Probably nothing this year. My dad's cross country. My mom does Thanksgiving with her fiance's family. Dh's family doesn't really do it. And we might be moving. There's always next year, right?

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Sorry you were made to feel like crap after putting work into stuff, I always hate that.

We are going to my fathers house for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (supplied by Dominicks LOL).

Gobble gobble

This is my first holiday season pregnant.

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Our thanksgiving was a few weeks ago (early October) we opted not to go visit family because Money was tight. WE had a small ham and some veggies. just a quiet day alone with our DD Smile

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We will be spending most of the day with my family and then some of the evening with DH's. On Friday we will have our 3rd Thanksgiving meal at my dad's. It should be a very yummy couple of days Smile

My husband wants to go help his mom cook because she won't ask anyone else to help her (She is feeding 15 grown adults who will be in her house all day long. She could ask any of them for help but always refuses until she is already running hours late, so DH and I end up just doing things to help her.) but I want to spend the day with my family. We see his family all the time and mine rarely. He just spent the entire day there yesterday helping her get ready for and then at a party for his dad's birthday. I know that wasn't "Thanksgiving" but I still feel like it's not asking a lot to want him to come spend the day with me at my grandma's house. He's been wanting to learn how to make our family rolls so we talked about doing that together Thanksgiving morning before he decided that he wanted to help his mom. I guess he will just do whatever he wants but I'm taking DD to my Grandma's and we are spending the day with the people I want to be with and then we will go to his parents about an hour before dinner.

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Megan, I like the idea of spending the day with people you want to be with. Smile

I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Mine actually turned out fairly nice this year. We did go to my parents- after going to DH's Grandma's for a bit. The only thing that bothered me about his family is that they never make any attempt to accommodate my child that has food allergies. He literally ate cranberry sauce while we were there b/c the only other safe thing there was crescent rolls and I guess he wasn't in the mood.

I certainly don't expect everyone to cater to him but nobody even bothered asking and stepMIL even went as far as to bring deviled eggs- knowing that DS2 would be there and is allergic to eggs. The crumble topping on her pumpkin pie had pecans in it too and of course he's allergic to nuts. I just feel like none of them even cared.

My family, as less than perfect as they are, made lots of allergen friendly foods. My mom didn't change her coleslaw recipe but Logan wouldn't have eaten it anyway so that's not a big deal. I made a ham and a chocolate pie for him so he would have had food at my parents house whether they had made dinner safe for him or not but they were awesome about it.

The food was good and we went shopping after we ate and got some good deals. Smile

Overall, it was a nice night.