took a walk to walgreens...

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took a walk to walgreens...

to get FRER. Came home, peed in a cup, wiped...and there was blood. Sad I don't think it's implantation bleeding, but I don't know what implantation bleeding is..i've never had it. but I wiped three times and there was blood the size of a quarter each time

This makes for a 27 day cycle. I have NEVER had a cycle that short.

each time I use the restroom there is more and more blood. I don't think this is implantation bleeding. I think it's AF.
I will never buy $tree tests again. this morning on 13dpo $tree, it was such a clear pos too. but BFN on FRER.

here is the 13dpoFMU from this morning (it's pink IRL, even dh can see it, and he can never see them)

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sweetie...i hope everything is ok.... put your feet up and take it easy if can....

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I am sorry.

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[INDENT]Now I'm barely bleeding. Very watery light pink. Earlier it was a lot of bright red.
This is SO weird. It was never heavy enough to dirty a pad, but it was there every time I wiped. [/INDENT]

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Sometimes you can have bleeding like that in early pregnancy and it's not always something bad. I would say if it doesn't come back tomorrow like AF to call the doc just to be sure. With that said though, I've had so many false positives on $ brand. I finally took the test to the doc the last time I got one because I was so mad and so shocked when AF came a few hours after the positive test. The doc looked at it and said that he would have counted that as a positive but my blood tests were negative so I wasn't pregnant and it didn't appear that I had been. I kept thinking I was having chemicals and I wasn't. It was just bad tests. I'm so turned off by most pregnancy tests these days. The only one I really trust is a FRER. It's the only one that didn't give me a line of some sort this time of all the brands I tried...well it did once but I think it was my fault for messing with it so much. Lol. Sending you big hugs sweetie. I do hope this is just some sort of weird implantation or early pregnancy bleeding and that you are pregnant and everything is fine. I know how you feel. :bigarmhug:

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It's here pretty heavily now. Sad I'm cramping a lot too.
onto the next month.

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I am sorry!!! I hope April is your month xxxx

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I'm so sorry! False positives are horrible, I've had my share of them the past few months:(. I would not recommend wondfos, they even picked up when I ovulated (my cycle was all messed up, thought I had o'd earlier). I agree with Leah, I only trust frer. Again, I'm sorry those stupid tests put you through's not fair.

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I'm so sorry! Glad you have an answer so you dont have to wonder anymore and you can prepare for the next cyle!

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I'm so sorry Liz! That line is really convincing how harsh that it is a false positive. I will not ever buy those tests now. I had a 27 day cycle last month AF surprised me a day early. This month I'm on schedule to have a 35 day one which is the longest I've ever had. Our bodies can be weird. I really hope April is your month!

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I am so so sorry Liz. I hope you get your BFP in April !

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