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How are you feeling?? Only a few more days until testing... I'm keeping things crossed for you!!!

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I just doing... I'm trying not to read into anything especially the crampiness...I done some research and it could be a number of things..I know I have mild PCOS...I just hoping it wasn't a cyst bursting..anyway I'm just going try and hold off and test thursday(if BFN) and then saturday...... but this is how everything been going. I wasn't going to do OPK's this month but i broke down last Sunday and only got two. I was written everything down even if nothing come of it was fun to see how your body acts....Cant wait to hear your news on Thursday

This how everything went/going

Cycle Day 17 tender nipples, ewcm bd......CD 18 tender nipples, preseed bd;

CD 19 tender nipples ,preseed, bd......CD 20 tender nipples ,O like cramps, ewcm and used preseed, BD'ed

CD 21 tender nipples decided to get a OPK possible positive line Bd'ed for good measure

CD22 tender nipples ,OPK very light line.......CD 23 tender nipples O like crampiness/pelvic;

CD 24 tender nipples ,O like crampiness all day Sharp pain around 8:30 pm

CD25 -CD27 tender nipples, pelvic/Ovary crampiness...finally took something for the crampy feeling on CD27

CD 28 tender nipples ,brief AF like crampiness later in the afternoon;

CD 29 slight abdominal cramps,

CD 30 tender nipples this evening lower abdominal crampiness;this morning I slept off and on; it was like I couldn't get enough, weird eating this evening (ravioli and hot chicken nuggets)...

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Good luck, Michelle! Keeping my fingers crossed for you also.

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sounds promising! Fingers are crossed!!!

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Keeping fingers crossed for you sweetie!