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Update (long)

It looks like my posting is going to be sparse for a little while. My computer died a couple days ago, when Ds1 (3yo) decided to PEE ON IT while watching a dvd.

I had my first mw appt on Thursday, which was lovely. Everything is looking good right now. I'm even hydrated! She couldn't find the hb on doppler, but she was able to hear the placental implantation site (where my pulse is strongest), and she heard the baby moving a lot. My mw has recently been certified to provide clinical hours for nurses in training, so at some point during my prenatal care (or labor) she might have a student nurse tagging along. She's pretty exited about being able to introduce nurses to an entirely different perspective on prenatal care and pregnancy.

Yesterday, I had a second u/s appt at the crisis pregnancy center. They have a nurse who is training to do u/s scans, and they wanted me to come in for a second training session. Baby was VERY active, and had the hiccups! We also got to see baby sucking its thumb! Unfortunately, all the activity made it difficult to get good resolution on a still shot.

The big news with the u/s is that baby's measurements are now closer to the edd based on lmp. My first u/s, they moved my edd from 3/20 to 3/11, which would mean that I conceived on the last day of my period--not possible, because I didn't dtd that week. My lmp also sets approximate ovulation to the same time that I think I ovulated (I was monitoring CM). Yesterday's u/s put edd at 3/15--only five days off of my calculation. I think that my first u/s caught baby at the end of a growth spurt. So I called the mw, and she agreed that we should set my edd back at 3/20.

Anyway, in the scan, the hb was 190--which seemed awfully fast to me. The senior nurse, who was supervising the training session, assured me that it wasn't unusual at this point in pregnancy. The upper limit on the normal range is 185, but she said that it was perfectly normal to see higher than that when the baby was being active (just like for people on the outside). She also said that 12 wks is when the hb is at its highest for the pregnancy. The mw confirmed what the nurse said when I told her about it on the phone.

So, other than my computer, everything is good!

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Great news ! Glad baby is being so active and that you got to see him/her again !!!

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:lurk: Sounds like a great appt! Yay for you and baby!

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yay for a great appointment - I'll check the EDD sticky and update if need be to MArch 20th. Smile

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Sounds like a good appt and scan.

I am lol at your DS peeing on the computer....