We are getting a Gender Scan !

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We are getting a Gender Scan !

We decided to get a gender scan and I scheduled it for this Thusday at 3:30. I will be 16w5d so hopefully we will get a good shot of the goods Smile

I am so so so excited. I can't wait to see our baby and find out if Ashlynn is getting a brother or a sister !

We were originally going to wait for the office u/s at 22 weeks, but not knowing is killing me so we are going Smile

Also, EVERYONE is expecting us to not find out until the end of October, so this will be a huge surprise to our families. I can't wait to share the news with them !

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what fun! I did one at 15w with DS3 and it was clear as day. Good luck getting a good view!

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Ahhhh! How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics! Biggrin

I had an early scan at exactly 16 weeks and had no problems seeing the goods! GL!

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So exciting!! I don't even have mine scheduled yet which is weird to me but I can only guess that it's b/c I told the midwife that I'm finding somebody else?

I have a consult with another midwife on 10/2 so perhaps I'll get one shortly after that.

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How exciting! I have to wait until Oct. 16th for mines....