We have news !!!!

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We have news !!!!

This is the beautiful BFP I took this morning !!!!

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I was so shocked I just walked out of the bathroom and handed it to my husband who was getting ready for work.

Now I just have to go see my OB and hope that this baby is growing in the right place ! We could use any prayers or positive thoughts that this little bean is safe and sound Smile We know to be cautious about this, but I can't help it. I'm over the moon excited already.

Hope to see more BFP's soon !!!!

Edited to add Today's FRER at 11DPO !
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Congrats, Megan!!! How early will your dr. get you in?

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Thanks Beth!

They are only open on Friday from 9-12 for scheduling and don't do appointments, but I'm hoping they will see me on one of my off days next week which are Tues, Wed, Thurs. Last time they had me in the next day so it shouldn't be a long wait. I don't know if they will be able to tell anything at that appointment or not.

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:udawoman:......Congrats........ have a happy and healthy nine months

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That's awesome news!!! Congrats and many prayers this bean is born healthy in March!!!!

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Woo Hoo, CONGRATS!!!!!!

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Thanks so much ladies ! I have an appointment next Thursday at 10am. They will do an ultrasound and a blood test then. They aren't sure if they will be able to see the sac yet but want to try to give me some peace of mind if they can. I told my boss because I promised to keep her updated on the situation but will probably wait to tell anyone else until after Thursday at least.

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Congratulations! And happy and healthy nine months! It's nice that you are able to be so open with your boss. I am kind of sweating that conversation with my boss, if I end up in the "March boat." :eek:

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Yayyyy! Congrats Meg! HH9M to you! Biggrin

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Whooo hoooo! And we may be sharing an EDD too Smile (I'm going with TCOYF's EDD for now)

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That would be exciting Crystal Smile

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Just now seeing this. Congratulations!!! :party:

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Sorry I haven't said anything yet. I've been out of town and have tried to check things out and haven't seen everything! So excited for you! Congratulations and happy and healthy 9 months! Smile

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wow i just saw this! congratulations!!!!! I'm so glad to see it's finally happening for some of you who have been trying as long as me. maybe i'll be next Smile FX

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Yay Megan!!! I just seen this (been away from the computer). So excited for you guys and hope you have a hh9m!