we are having....

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we are having....

a boy!

I had an ultrasound for genetic screening etc and it was so easy to tell we're having a boy! I am so excited to know so early. Normally we have to wait til 20 weeks or so. The neck fold and fluids were great. Blood work will come back after a few weeks. I'm not super high risk but I'm 36 so they asked me and I love seeing my babies...so how could I resist! Shok I thought I'd have a girl..but I was w r o n g!

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Yay! Congratulations!

I was a bit thrown, I lurk a lot on March because I'm due soooo early in April... and you had a gender already~!

I still don't even think I'm "really" pregnant..lol

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how exciting to know already !!!! Congrats Smile

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Wow, congrats! Are they 100% certain? It's pretty early to tell the gender by ultrasound and have it be correct. I'm surprised they even looked!

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I'm glad you were able to get a clear shot for "angle of the dangle"!

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yes they were able to clearly tell. Ordinarily it may be early. They had a big screen tv and are able to blow up the ultrasound very clearly on that screen. They did 3d/4d type with the coloring too. It was so neat. The only way to be about 100% accurate is to have DNA analysis done or wait til the baby is born. Otherwise it's never 100% Smile

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Congratulations! I hope your blood work puts you in an even lower risk category.

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Thank you so much!!

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