Weight issues

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Weight issues

Hey people. I haven't been around for a Long time but having a few problems. Firstly Hannah was born 8th march an was 2 weeks late. She was born normally at 9lbs 4oz. 91st %ile. She is now 16 weeks old and 13lbs 4oz an between 25th and 50th %ile.

Her length however is in the 98th centile.

She bottle fed and drinks about 800mls a day which I've been told isn't enough.

Anyone else having these problems??

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is your Doctor or Midwife concerned about the weight?

Do you feed her on demand or on a schedule?

Is she gaining slow and steady?

And how active is she?

Was she gaining more in the months previous or is this a sudden drop?

My DD has slowed her weight gain over the last month/6weeks but she's much more active now, she's BF'd on demand and we've added solids this month because she was no longer satisfied with just BMilk, despite increasing my milk to the point of near painful engorgement and nursing every hour. She was initially gaining 36 grams a day and dropped to 19g/day and is back to 24g/day since we've introduced solids.