well ladies, let's get this board hopping!

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well ladies, let's get this board hopping!

Time for a quick check in.

How far along are you?
How are you feeling?
Anything exciting to share?
Upcoming appointments/tests?

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How far along are you? 16 weeks 4 days ... My ticker lies.
How are you feeling? Tired, nauseous, overwhelmed Sad
Anything exciting to share? I'm really happy and excited to be going to get a gender scan tomorrow ! In 26 1/2 hours we will hopefully be finding out baby's gender Smile Even if we don't get lucky enough to see the parts we will get to see our baby which will be amazing!
Upcoming appointments/tests? My monthly appointment is Oct 3rd. We will have a u/s at the doctor at 22 weeks, so halloweenish Smile

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How far along are you? 17 weeks
How are you feeling? Like garbage. I was ok until this uti snuck up on me. Hopefully I'll be fine again in a few days. Smile
Anything exciting to share? Not really. The most exciting thing is probably that I scheduled a consult with a mw at a different OB's office. They practice at the hospital with the lowest c/s rate in PA (it's still 20% but that's better than 33.4%...) so I'm hoping this means they'll be supportive of my choices and won't give me another lecture.
Upcoming appointments/tests? I have my consult with the new mw on 10/2 and then my regular prenatal with the old mw on the 8th...not sure if I'm keeping that one at this point in time though.

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How far along are you? 14 wks, even
How are you feeling? Pretty good. Sometimes I forget I pregnant.
Anything exciting to share? Not really.
Upcoming appointments/tests? Seeing the mw today! Will post an update after that.

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How far along are you?
13weeks 0days
How are you feeling?
Great! Except knowing my blood perrsure is high as heck! UGH!
Anything exciting to share?
OHHH and family picture day is tomrrow.
Upcoming appointments/tests?
YES, Ultrasound on Saturday. We get to see the baby which is always great!