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    So how's it going making nursery preparations?

    Ds1 and I got out the baby clothes a couple days ago, and I made space for them in my night stand. I got out the baby blankets last month. Later today, I'll run a load of laundry to try to get some stains out of some of the baby clothes. We bought a new stroller last month, since we wore out the last one. My mother also bought us a new carseat last month.

    At some point I still need to get out the baby carriers, and DH needs to assemble the baby swing. I also need to by new flanges for my breast pump. My collection of cloth diapers is sitting in my closet, all ready to go!

    Oh, and I still need to put together my birth kit
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    We've been ready for a few weeks, baby's laundry is done, nursery is complete, car seat installed, diaper supply is plentiful. Swing will be arriving when the baby does so DH will do that when we get home from the hospital or his father will do it when they arrive for the birth.

    Bags are packed and my list of last minute additions is taped to the wall above it. I made a schedule of DD1's day for my ILs and grandmother who will be coming once labor is in full swing. Fridge and freezer are stocked and ready for a houseful!

    Now if only this little girl would stop teasing us and just arrive!


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