worse than I remember

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worse than I remember

the morning sickness is kicking my butt. I'm on zofran (8mg) and have been taking B6 and some unisom and I'm still getting nauseous! I've had bad m/s with all my kids, but not this bad. Ick. I might have to call my doc again.

But, in good news, I have an u/s next Thursday.

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Maybe because its a girl this time Smile

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I think we are biologically made to forget how miserable pregnancy is so we will keep having kids .... Blah! I am going with the philosophy that worse means opposite gender ... Probably kidding myself but hey it gets me through the nausea Smile

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I've heard that eating something with a lot of protein helps to combat the nausea. When we went on vacation, I kept beef jerky in the car so I could nibble it when I got nauseous. It really helped.

A lot of women also swear by ginger, and I think you can get it in capsules if you don't like the taste. Personally, I'm all about pickled ginger Smile

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I am sooo sorry for you & in the same boat. I am calling my Dr tomorrow to ask abot the B6 . IS that just a regular OTC suppement you can buy?

I hope, what people say that maybe you it means you are having a girl BUT what would that mean I am having??????

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I'm all about the ginger-ale lately! and I normally hate pop of any kind lol. My ms was way worse with my DD then this time but I'm finding I'm having more moodiness and exhaustion this time. Kinda hoping for a boy but as long as baby is healthy I'm happy!