wow wow nausea !!!!!!!!!

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wow wow nausea !!!!!!!!!

I don't get it.....I know that I was nauseous with my first two pregnacies BUT even though I know that, actually going through it is soooo very different then remebering how sick you were. This sucks so bad. I was grocery shopping & had to leave my cart & go home & have my husband finish shopping. It is all consumming. When I am not pregnant I think I loved most of being pregnant but the truth is I hate it !!!!!!!!! (except the cute baby at the end of course).

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I'm hating this nausea ! I didn't have this at all with DD so it's all new. Still no throwing up but I feel like its just around the corner ... Ew. Sad I've run to the bathroom thinking it was going to happen a couple times in the past few days. I'm so over the first trimester and I've still got 6 weeks Sad Being pregnant sucks, but I'm so glad that I am Smile

I hope your nausea eases up soon and you get some relief !

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Yes I hate the nausea too. It's so random. One minute I'm hungry and then want to vomit. I hardly feel like eating. Then when I do get this great idea of something to eat, I really want to vomit it after. Once I craved pizza with pineapple and anchovies. It was so good while eating but then vomited the whole thing. Every craving seems to end that way.

I don't particularly like any stage of pregnancy. I am not one of those beautiful glowing celebrity women. For me to look nice and fresh I have to sleep ALL day then have a cup of coffee and hopefully some sort of magical energy comes in me that day. I have zero energy. I don't even feel like cleaning. I can't seem to get anything done because I'm just kinda sluggish even when rested.

This time the nausea isn't as bad as previous pregnancies. I do try not to look into that too.