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Hi everyone. I am Margaret, mom to an almost 7 year old (birthday on tuesday) boy named Robbie (bet you couldn't guess that from my user name :D). I have severe PCOS (had it since I was 16) and AF has been coming about every 34-38 days lately, never had one that was shorter then 21 days between. I am on day 22 (and according to the last few af I am supposed to be most fertile tomorrow). Woke up this morning to spotting. Have never spotted before, first is was red but now pink. Did not dtd last night so not sure what the spotting is about. Maybe it means I will be joining you ladies here :confused:

Anyone had this?


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Spotting can happen with ovulation, it does with me sometimes, and then of course it can happen right after implantation. I didn't have any at all with my DD, though (at least not that I know of, but I wasn't checking CM then).

I once had what I thought for sure was implantation spotting at 9 dpo... I had never before had pre-AF spotting that early, but as it turned out, that's all it was. I hope in your case it's implantation, though! :goodluck:

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Hey. l spotted at 7dpt and it was in fact implantation spotting, so I"m hoping this is good news!!!! kUP!

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According to what I've read (and discussed w/ my MW) a little bit of spotting is a good thing around O time. It is a good sign that you are fertile and releasing a nice juicy egg! GL bd'ing!