Yay! DH brought home pee sticks!

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Yay! DH brought home pee sticks!

DH knows I like to pee on a stick still to check my levels and make sure it's still a very dark line so he brought home some cheep tests for me to have fun with Smile What a guy Smile He got 14 of the cheepies and said "that should last you through the weekend" LOL

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How funny! Have fun testing!!! I have a bunch of tests and hope I get to use them too!

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That's funny. What a good DH though. Smile

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What a sweet man my dh would never tthink to do that!

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That is too sweet !

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Awesome! My dh cringes when I buy tests...So i rarely tell him. LOL I think with my last pregnancy I spent $60.

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What a wonderful hubby!

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LOL I'm not sure if he was just being sweet or thinking of the $ we would save if he bought me some cheepies LOL but he knows I've been nervous cuz i haven't been feeling sick lately just tired so this should make me feel better till I go in on thursday for my 1st appt Smile