10DPO BFP! (Pic added)

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10DPO BFP! (Pic added)

Well I got up this morning, still feeling like blah and took my temp (well did that before I got up) and it had gone down a little. Thought about not testing at all but couldn't go back to sleep so decided to go for it. I did and I got my BFP! It's still light because it's early. I'm 9 or 10DPO today so I'm surprised it showed up at all. I called the doc as soon as they opened and got my bloodwork. HCG was 20 and progesterone was 6.4 I start Prometrium tonight. I've never taken it so I'm a little nervous, and of course I'm nervous with low progesterone that this might not end well. Anyone have experience with low progesterone and taking supplements and everything working out fine? I'm still so shocked. I've tried to repeat to myself all day that I'm pregnant so I'll believe it. It's not sinking in at all yet. I'll post pics of my tests when I get home but I'm posting this from my mom's house right now so I can't. Eeeek! That about sums it up!

Tests are like but I'm SUPER early! I'll be testing with FMU for the next oh 5 or 6 days at least I'm sure. Lol.

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I have heard good stories about progesterone supplements and keeping bub. Best of luck

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A word about Prometrium, are you taking it orally or vaginally? I am on 200mg orally twice a day (next week is the last week thank goodness!!) and it makes me insanely dizzy 1-2 hours after I take it. It lasts about an hour then goes away. I hear vaginally means less symptoms.

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The doc mentioned that too about the dizziness. I'm taking the oral version of it but vaginally. I'm not sure yet how many times a day I'll be taking it until I get to the pharmacy to pick it up. I'm relieved to be catching it this early though. I took Crinone before and it did not agree with me at all. So glad to be taking anything else.

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This is such great news!!!! I have seen your face in the TTC arena for a while. HH9M!

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YAY! congratulations!!! stick baby stick!!!

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Wow, Leah! I'm so happy for you! Congrats!!! :wootjump:

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Congrats!! So awesome!! HH9M!

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That is such wonderful news!!!!! HH9M's!!!!!!!!

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Congrats! Very exciting Smile

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Yay!!!!!:D I am so happy for you Leah!!!!! Congrats. My friend took progestrone too during her pregnancy vaginally and was 8 days over due. Have a HH9M.

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Thank you all so much! It still isn't coming anywhere close to sinking in which is weird since last time I think it sunk in right away. I keep forgetting I'm pregnant and I'll think "maybe I'm sick or something...oh yeah". I had to be careful today since we were around family all day and I was afraid I'd spill the beans. Oh and I'm going to post a pic below of today's test. It was SO much darker which surprised me since it hasn't even been 48 hours yet so I'm hoping that means my numbers are going up up up!

Top is yesterday's and bottom was today's!

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Congrats Leah!!!!

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Those are great lines! Smile Congrats again!

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Congrats!! Smile

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:lurk: Yay Leah!!!!! So happy for you Smile

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