13 week ultrasound

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13 week ultrasound

Went for my first OB visit yesterday finally. We had an 8 week u/s just with a tech a month ago, but babe was just a blob then. I can't believe how much he/she has grown! There was lots of stretching and wiggling. Amazing that I can't feel any of that yet and not even showing yet. I had a 13 week u/s with my first son and he just looked like an alien. I can't get over how perfect this profile is, so much more like a baby than I remember. October 23 will be the anatomy scan. Can't wait!

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Such a sweet profile! I am over 15 weeks and don't think I've felt anything yet either (may have...but may have been digestion bumps etc :/ ) My anatomy scan is Oct 17 Smile Are you hoping for one or the other? (yes, I know we all say "healthy baby" but I know I'm hoping pink! My last chance to give dd a sister! lol)

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Awe very cute! Smile

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Aww super cute baby! Love the profile it's neat how fast they grow!!