1st hcg and progesterone levels

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1st hcg and progesterone levels

So on Monday I had my first bloodwork and found out today that it was:

hcg: 9714
progesterone: 27.7

Does that seem too high for 4weeks6days? Should I have seen more than the gestational sac with that high of levels?

I had more drawn today to compare and will post those numbers tomorrow when I find out.

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not sure on th3 #'s but you shouldn't see more than a gestational sac at only 4w6d.

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Wow...those seem high. Is that a bad thing?

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I agree that's pretty high based on the ranges you see on the internet, but I am not sure if it means anything. Maybe twins??? Wink

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I agree, maybe twins?

This may seem insensitive, but can I ask? Why do people check their levels? Either you are pregnant or not...looking at the numbers seems to make people worry more then anything. Either they are too low, or too high...

This is my 4th baby and I've never had my levels checked, doc never asked to check my levels, my midwife doesn't even schedule me for my first appointment until I'm almost in my 2nd trimester.

I am just curious. Smile

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People use check levels if spotting occurs. But, yes, it just adds one more thing to worry about for sure.

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I don't have my levels checked either. **LOSS STORY** My doctor had me come in for one of my pregnancies to check levels and get an early ultrasound because I had a m/c 3 months prior. My levels looked fantastic and were doubling wonderfully. Came in for an early ultrasound 2 weeks later-beautiful heartbeat, growth was spot on. That was at 7 weeks, so we told all of our family and a few close friends at 10 weeks. Went in for my normal 12 week checkup-couldn't find a hb, did a vag u/s and confirmed baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. So some people find comfort in the levels being good, I don't. I feel bad about it, but I've had quite a few losses so I just really try to not get overly excited and really keep myself in check on counting on a baby until after 12 weeks. I know even then that things can happen, but it feels better for me. And I don't count on early ultrasounds or tests being a sure thing for me.

Sorry, I re-read that and I sounded like a real downer! Didn't mean to--just sharing my experiences with it all. I haven't even called my dr yet to make an appointment and I'm nearly to 8 weeks. I think I'll call soon to get in for a 12 week visit. Then we can tell family etc.

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Thank you for sharing your story Smile You aren't a downer - these forums are meant for us to share our experiences and be reminded how differently we all take on pregnancy.