6 week ultrasound - July 23rd - **with picture**

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6 week ultrasound - July 23rd - **with picture**

Well, even with all the spotting, looks like baby#2 is growing! Biggrin

My obgyn repeated that the numbers from the bloodwork last week were good and they proved right thus far because yesterday we saw the fetal pole and even flickers of the heartbeat! I measured right on track at 6w0d which is exactly from when I ovulated. My obgyn feels much better about my spotting and now I'm good to go for 4 weeks until my next appointment at 10 weeks. Fingers crossed that the spotting is over and out and we go a full HH9M!

Oh, and I guess the eating every two hours is already adding up because I gained two pounds in a week's time! :o

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Awesome!! No pics?!!! Smile

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That's fantastic!! So glad things are looking good.

And i agree. Pics!! Smile

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Glad to hear things are going well! Beautiful little bean! And that's awesome to see the hb right at 6 weeks. Sounds like things are going perfectly. Smile

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Yay for a hb!! And what a cute little jellybean!