7 week ultrasound! :)

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7 week ultrasound! :)

Here's baby #4! We could see the beautiful flickering of a heartbeat. 148 bpm. 7 weeks along. And, there's only ONE. lol. (Some family/friends and even myself were thinking more than 1, because I already have a belly)
Gender u/s is scheduled for 9/21. Just in time for my bday. Smile

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Hi Baby!! So cute Smile


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Yay for baby pic! How sweet! Sounds like everything is going perfectly. Smile I'll be getting my 7 week u/s tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have a happy little baby pic to share later. Smile

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awe! hey, look there's a baby in there! thanks for including the picture - so sweet!

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Aww great pic and cute bean! And yay for a hb!

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Thanks everyone Smile