Alright--time for a roll call!

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Alright--time for a roll call!

So who's here? How many of us are there? I've been posting more in February because I know I can go anywhere from end of feb to the first week of march and there has been a little more activity there than here (not much still though...)

So....who's here?

When is your due date?

Have a "big" u/s scheduled soon?

ME! I'm here--Holly Smile

Due Mar 2

Scheduled in October--17 I think....

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I'm here! (Elle)

Due between March 24 and 27th - due dates from my two ultrasounds are contradicting each other... I tracked ovulation so I think it's closer to the 24rd. Given that I went into labor at 36 weeks with DS I could be early March though.

Big ultrasound scheduled on October 27th!

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So....who's here? Me! Im Tiffany Smile

When is your due date? March 24th but they will induce at 39 wks due to my hypertension.

Have a "big" u/s scheduled? Stupid nurses still haven't called with my appt! Should be between 18-20 weeks! But I'm going to make an appt for 16 wks with a 3d clinic which will be October 8th I think so that following weekend maybe?

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I'm Rebecca and I'm due March 5-- just found out yesterday our baby is a little girl. I am 16 weeks today. My 20 week ultrasound and confirmation is the 24 of Oct.

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I'm here! (Aubrey)

When is your due date? Due March 8

Have a "big" u/s scheduled soon? I was told that my next appointment will include the 20 week scan. Now I just have to schedule it. Probably the end of October.

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Due March 18

U/S will be October 23, just 5 more weeks!