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Being cautious

I have the hardest time being really excited at the beginning of a pregnancy. I have had my share of early pg losses so I feel like I have to guard myself and my feelings. I hate that!

This is pg #9 for me and I have 4 children from those 9. Two of my miscarriages happened about 14 weeks, but both times the baby had stopped growing about 8 weeks in. The other 2 were early--one at 6 weeks and one was a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks. So with my track record, we are obviously waiting to tell anyone about this one.

Anyone else feel this way?? I'm just glad dh is excited and we can chat about it--he brought me home presents last night after work: a bouquet of flowers to say congrats (they were all pink and purple LOL--wishful thinking maybe?) and a bottle of pre-natal vitamins LOL

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awww your DH is so cute! I'm sure I'm going to be crazy cautious this time around. My last pregnancy was a m/c around 5 weeks, but I didn't find out until 9 weeks when I went in for my first appointment. It was pretty devastating to me because I'd had two normal pregnancies prior. I'll be telling my two closest friends and friends, but no one else until I go in for the first appointment at least.

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I've had a few very early chem pregnancies over the past year and a bit, the most devastating one for me was when I started getting the dry heaves really early so I tested at like 9 or 10dpo and had a super clear positive. Then tested the next morning which was Christmas day with a FRER to wrap up for hubby and it was negative. It hurt more because it was Christmas day, bub would have been due on my Husbands birthday, an old friend and mentor had passed away a few days before and my Nanna passed away that day, plus all the symptoms that had I questioned what I had done to have a loss when it was so clear I was pregnant.
With DS I didn't even tell my Mum until 8 weeks, at that point I told a few family members, around 196 weeks I told my workmates (I'd had to tell management earlier because I was due to go on training which they needed to know because I wouldn't be going as I wouldn't be working that role for long) and the world (facebook) wasn't until about then either

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Holly, that is so sweet of your DH. I don't have any similar experiences but it sounds like your DH is at least clued into your emotions which is good.

Mel is that why you haven't mention anything about TTC? I've been wondering but didn't want to mention it in front of other friends since you hadn't.

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How are you doing Holly?

Becky I'll answer your question over on FB! Smile