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Check in!

*crickets chirping*

Where is everyone? I know we are small in numbers, but I'm sure there are a few of us!

How far along are you now?

How are you feeling?

What are you doing to keep busy until baby makes his/her appearance?

Anything else?

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How far along are you now? 35 wks on Monday! Baby will be induced at 39 wks (March 17th) if he doesn't come before that which most likely won't happen.

How are you feeling? Done! Tired bc I can't sleep, everything hurts, I have terrible carpal tunnel that really hurts, I waddle when I walk, etc.

What are you doing to keep busy until baby makes his/her appearance? Finishing up shopping, getting his room he shares with sissy ready, trying to keep up w/the impossible amount of housework my 6 kids generate, but none of it is helping I'm still very impatient for him to arrive!!!

Anything else? I realize I sound very whiney! Sorry lol. I am I guess. Don't get me wrong, I'm so very grateful to be this close to having a baby, but I'm miserable too.

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How far along are you now? 35 Weeks tomorrow!

How are you feeling? Exhausted! I am juggling working from home, watching my toddler full-time due to flaky childcare service, and packing up our entire house to move next weekend. I am beyond exhausted! My back is killing me and I have constant contractions but so far babe is staying put.

What are you doing to keep busy until baby makes his/her appearance? See above

Anything else? Just found out I can't have an epi - I have low platelets. I had low platelets last pregnancy but they were just borderline so I did get the epi (although I was already ready to push). I'm kinda scared but at this stage I think just ready to have baby. But please, he needs to hold off till March after our move!! Smile

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How far along are you now? 38+1

How are you feeling? Feeling pretty good mostly. My hip mostly gives me trouble. Add me to the exhausted club! Very very tired.

What are you doing to keep busy until baby makes his/her appearance? Trying to actually get ready for her to get here. Dh still has stuff to pull out of storage. Like the swing, bassinet, bouncey chair. We did get the clothes out and washed and into drawers and got the carseat all ready. I need to pack a hospital bag still. Also keeping up with the 4 kids and the mess they make of my house.

Anything else? I declined two shower offers from friends because I just feel silly having a shower for my 5th kid when I have so much I've saved. But I did tell them they could plan a "girls night out" with friends. So that is happening on Saturday night at a yummy local place. Should be fun I hope! It would be just my luck though that I plan for a late baby and she comes this week and I have to cancel my girls night Wink

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Tiffany--I hope you can find a way to get some relief until your induction!

Elle--good luck getting moved before baby shows up! I can't imagine how hard it would be to move at this point!