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Any cravings or foods that particularly hit the spot?

I don't usually have too many cravings while pg, but I also seem to have more nausea this time around than before too. But right now I am loving meat--steak, bbq pork, etc. Also salads hit the spot every time, cold fruit and avocados--eaten whole. Just cut in half and spooned out with salt. YUM.

Hoping the nausea goes away soon. Last time it was gone by 12-13 weeks which is 2 weeks away!

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A week or two ago I was craving meat a lot. Now I can't really think of anything in particular. But fruit like grapes and cantaloupe really hit the spot lately. Also I seem extra thirsty. I have to constantly be drinking water or milk or lemonade otherwise I am just sooo thirsty. I am also super hungry a lot. I just want to eat and eat. So I have to be careful and eat healthy snacks otherwise I will get huge. lol My stomach is just a bottomless pit.

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I'm sitting on the couch eating pickles right now... LOL. Totally clich?e! I've been quite nauseated but when I am hungry I do crave pickles, fresh fruit and salads, and plain foods like yoghurt. Nothing spicy. I was the same with my last pregnancy but I was so sick with that one that all food was appalling for weeks on end. Can't wait for the nausea to disappear. If I eat one more piece of dried ginger I will puke!

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Eggs cooked any way or cheese. Smile

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I have a lot of nausea too. And more aversions than cravings. Thats not to say I dont eat though lol unlike with my pther pgs with m/s I will all of the sudden be starving like seriously knawing hunger so I must eat right away. Its not always something specific though just food. I have been craving fruit lately though, mostly green apples with salt.