Family visit

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Family visit

I was mainly MIA this past week. We drove our 14 hour trek to see family. It was a fun week--we camped half of our trip with our family. My ILs have a little boat so we took turns boating and fishing and the kids got to go tubing. There were 16 of us camping all together--so fun! It was my MIL and FIL, our family of 6, my dh's 5 siblings and his sister's dh, and dh's aunt and uncle.

The last night we were visiting we told my MIL and FIL. They were excited for us Smile They won't spill the beans until we do. The next day we actually told my SIL and BIL because they confided in us that they have been TTC for 8 months. We felt stinky not telling them after they told us they were trying. They were excited too Smile I hope she gets pg too so we can have babies together! She is dh's little sister and the only of his 5 siblings married yet or anywhere near having kids.

I have my first appointment scheduled with the nurse practitioner on August 20th at 12 weeks. I didn't call to even schedule the appointment until yesterday so I couldn't get in with my doctor until my 16 week visit. Oh well. So 3 more weeks until I can confirm that there truly is a little growing bean in there! Then we will be less tight-lipped about the pgcy.

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Sounds like you had a great time. Smile