Finally starting to feel some relief!

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Finally starting to feel some relief!

And by relief I mean emotional relief since the symptoms keep on coming! I had another u/s today because I kind of freaked out earlier in the week and had a nightmare that I'd m/c. I called my doc to see if I could move my appt up and they said sure! They're so wonderful! So I had my u/s today and all is well. The subchorionic bleed I had is gone! Thank goodness, I was so worried about it! Baby's HB was 160! I'm so relieved it went up that much. In the pregnancy that I miscarried it was 135 and I'm not sure if it ever went up from there so that did a lot to relieve my fears. Baby looked great and the doc said I'm still measuring perfectly! I'm so relieved! We decided to tell my MIL who was kind of a complete you know what about it in my opinion. Last time she asked for a pic from the u/s to keep for herself...this time she would barely look at the pics and said "I can't tell anything about those" and we took a video of the u/s and the hb and she didn't really look at it either. All she said was "Oh really?" when we told her. No congrats or anything. Talk about disappointment. My FIL had a good reaction though at least! Anyway, here is a pic of baby at my 7w1d u/s and today at 8w3d!!! Oh and sorry they're so big! Stupid photobucket!

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So glad to hear your ultrasound went well, everything sounds perfect :D. Also happy to hear the subchorionic bleed is gone. Sorry for MILs subdued reaction, I hope she will show more excitement as you get further along.

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Fantastic news!! What a cute little bean! I'm glad the bleed is gone and baby is growing well. Sorry for your MIL. I wonder what her problem is? Hopefully she will come around in the weeks to come!

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yay!!! Grow baby grow Smile

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That is wonderful that the baby is doing so well! Sorry about your MIL being a PITA. Hopefully she'll get rid of her attitude soon. Smile

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Such a big growth difference when you see them side by side! And I have to say baby looks very cute already!