Getting bloodwork done - spotting - sorry its long

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Getting bloodwork done - spotting - sorry its long

Turns out, according to my ovulation day, I'm only 5 weeks today so I found out I was pregnant SUPER early on and its felt like a rollercoaster. After a week of knowing, I wanted to share with my brother and parents so I was going to call last Thursday. So DH called his parents and brother and told them and then before I could call my family I started red spotting. TMI to follow: It was dripping out into the toilet and when I wiped, but not accumulating on a pad or anything and I wasn't cramping...still super scary so I held off saying anything. Then I spotted like that again on Friday night and had some tissue-like stuff too. Spotting then turned brown and went away quickly. DH and my best friend have better memories than me and keep saying that this EXACT same thing happened with DS, but I just can't seem to shake feeling anxious.

Why am I a bleeder?!! Sad

I called the doctor about the spotting and had a doctor appt yesterday, but it was too early to see anything on the vaginal ultrasound other than the gestational sac. But, it was in the right place so that was good. She couldn't say why exactly I've had spotting and since it was too early to measure on the u/s I had blood taken yesterday and will get more taken on Wednesday. She put the reasoning as "threatened miscarriage" (horrible choice of words to hear!). By Friday we should be able to see if my hcg numbers are climbing and if my progesterone levels are good. I go back on Tuesday to get another u/s and talk about the numbers.

I just have to have faith that everything is growing as it should. I totally feel pregnant. I am hungry every hour, my boobs are already getting full and sore, I have nausea when my stomach is empty and I'm dead tired by the evening.

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Thoughts and prayers for you...

Spotting can be so scary. I had spotting like you describe during my third tri and doctors ran every test, but could not explain why. Everything turned out fine.

Hopefully, your mind will be put at ease soon. KUP!

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Good luck! I had early bleeding with both my daughters and no bleeding with my loss. I think next time I will be worried if there is no bleeding!

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So sorry to hear you're going through such a roller coaster right now. Thoughts and prayers coming your way sweetie!