Got my BFP

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Got my BFP

This evening... Thinking an EDD of 3-5. Smile

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Congrats hun!!

I'll be board straddling because my edd is super close to the end of Feb. Smile

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Fixed the picture. Smile Thanks! Smile

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Congrats! Smile I'm in the TWW and hoping for a BFP in the next week or so but I'm really doubtful this time around! HH9M to you! Smile

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Can I ask how many months TTC? This is so exciting!

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Congratulations! HH9M to you!

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Congratulations! Hope it's a wonderful 9 months!

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Congrats! Hh9 months to you Smile

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Congrats!! My brother's BDay is 3/5. Its a good day. Smile HH9M!

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Congrats we are not far away ...
Im the end of January
and 3/5 is my Dad Birthday

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congrats!! im in feb!

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Congrats, Becca!! HH9M!

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We had been trying since April BUT I didn't have a period that whole time... so technically, this was our first try and the eggy was caught on a 74 (or so) day cycle. Smile

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74 day cycle?! wow! congrats to you!