Had our fetal anatomy scan!

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Had our fetal anatomy scan!

We already knew he was a boy from our gender scan at 16 wks but they confirmed it again this time we even saw testicals lol. Everything looked great! The MFM said he was perfect as far as their testing can tell. My bloodwork was negative as well. Heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, bladder, feet and lips (as well as everything elle lol) all were perfectky normal. He weighed in at 11 oz so he's right on target there as well. Regarding the non viable twin and sac that grew they are unconcerned. It's rare but they've seen it before. They think it will eventually start to shrink but it may not ever go completely away. It shouldn't cause any I'll effects on Grady or me and it has moved from above my uterus to the left more now. They think that's where it will stay and shouldn't get in the way of delivery. Oh and we confirmed w/o a doubt that they were fraternal which we'd always assumed bc of the Femara. But we could clearly see that they both came from the left ovary and that one follie was slightly bigger than the other. Dh was amazed we could see things so clearly! Here are some pics:

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Great news Tiff! So happy for you Smile

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That's wonderful news and cute pics Smile