HB u/s!

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HB u/s!

I had my 7 weeks u/s today to see the HB and we saw it and heard it! HB was 140 and baby is looking great! I'm measuring exactly at 7 weeks 1 day so right on track there. I do have a subchorionic bleed though which makes me nervous. Seems like, from what I've read about them on the boards here and such, that they typically aren't a big problem and most people with them go on to have perfectly happy and healthy pregnancies. It still makes me a bit nervous since I looked it up on google and read the worst case scenarios. The doc said mine is small though and I haven't had any bleeding so I was surprised when he said I had one. He said it looked like my body might be reabsorbing it already anyway so that's good. I just hope it's gone or smaller at my next u/s in 2 weeks. So far so good though. We reached another milestone and are currently doing great!

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Yay!! Smile Glad you are doing good!! Hopefully the bleed goes away soon so you don't have to worry anymore. Smile

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Soo happy we both saw a hb yesterday! Don't worry about the SCH I'm sure it will be a-okay!

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I had two SCHs with this baby. I read all the awful stories, too. The first SCH we saw at 6w on my HB u/s. It was small. The second showed up at 9w when I had another u/s (MW thought I felt small) and it was a little bigger (2x3cm) but still "small". The first SCH was still present then, too. Neither caused any bleeding or any problems and both had resolved by my NT scan at 12w.
Good luck!