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Hello hello!

Hi everyone! I haven't really been board hopping too much, but we've been TTC #3 for 5 cycles now. I'm really hoping this is our month!! Good luck to everyone else!

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Hi! Good Luck!

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Hi there, we have two boys and are ttc # 3 too Smile

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Good luck! We're trying for #3 too! Smile This is our 4th cycle of trying

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TTC#3 as well....15th cycle. Hope March will be lucky for us all!!!!!!

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Hey Katie hopefully we can share another bb!! We've been at this it seems forever now I'm ready to just stay in one place!

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Good luck this cycle! Smile

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Good luck! Smile

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bfn this morning, af is due today. I actually thought af started yesterday, but then I had nothing the rest of the day. I'm hoping she'll start already so we can move onto the next cycle.

Congrats to everyone who got a BFP this month!! HH9M!