Help me explain how I could be pregnant? Miscarriage mentioned..

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Help me explain how I could be pregnant? Miscarriage mentioned..

Here is my story:

I was on the January bb. was due 1/11/14. Had a perfect Sono and a great heartbeat at 7 weeks 3 days.. then started bleeding at 7 weeka 6 days and found the heartbeat had just stopped. : ( my miscarriage started 5/30, ended 6/24.

Had my doctor tell me on 6/28 that my hcg level was back to zero.

I had sex on 6/30, and on 7/13.

On 7/14 I started (what I believed to be) my first period after miscarriage. It was a very normal period and lasted til 7/20.

Today 7/26 I woke up feeling completely sick (nausea) even though the dates didn't make sense at all... I tested and got a positive. It's an obviously positive, no guessing about it. I can't figure this out scientifically. Did I ovulate the day before my period.. I would be about 14dpo if so. If it was the 6/30 date I would expect a much darker line to show up. Is there something about the cycles after a miscarriage being totally messed up and strange ovulation to happen!?

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I'm having a hard time even believing this or getting excited because I can't "prove" how this happened with my dates!

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Posts: 1134 idea. Wish I could help. Maybe just get a blood test?

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I would guess from the 6/30 BD- probably O'd after that-
And maybe you're one of the lucky ones who get a period during pregnancy- I've always had a really light one for a day or two but not really a full AF..but could just be a mixture of hormones and body didn't realize it was pregnant- I'd keep testing and see if it keeps getting darker and go get a blood test!!

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Yes doctor is having me come in Monday for a blood test. I have been doing reading on decidual bleeding and read that if your hormones are out of whack your body gets confused and may shed part of your lining around the time of a expected period, even though there is a fertilized egg present. And it would make sense that my hormones would be whacky coming off of a miscarriage. It's the only way I can explain it. So strange! Can't wait to see what doctor says.

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Interesting! Smile Hopefully it's a bfp for ya. KUP. Smile

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wow! how did your appointment go?

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I would be shocked too! Let us know how the appointment goes!

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Hope your appt went well! I agree that your hormones were probably wacky after the m/c and that's why you had what seemed like a period. Can't wait to hear an update!

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I miscarried last year in August and was pregnant again in September. My son was born in May Smile