Hi all looky what I got!

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Hi all looky what I got!

11dpo today eek! So excited and so scared something will go wrong! I can't believe I got a BFP!!! Hoping to get into the OB Monday for an HCG and progesterone check. FF says my edd is March 24th and I figure they're pretty right. I will deliver a week early bc of my high bp they'll induce me then God willing everything goes well until then. So happy to be here w/ ya'll and especially Miss Leah!!

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Congrats Tiffany Smile So excited for you Smile

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Yay!!!!! I always thought we should share a BB! Smile So so so excited!!! We both have to stay here. We have no choice. I'm forbidding us to leave. Lol. Yahoo

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Alright!! Congrats! Let us know how your levels are. Smile

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Tiffany!!! I've been chart stalking you for months! Smile CONGRATS!!!!


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Woo hoo! Congrats!!!! Smile

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OMG Tiffany!!! WOW!! I'm so so so SOOO freaking excited for you!!!!! Smile

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Congrats! HH9M!

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Congrats, Tiffany!!