Holiday plans

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Holiday plans

What are your holiday plans? Any travelling?

We are travelling 14 hours to see family for Christmas. We will be gone a week, from weekend before Christmas to the weekend after. We have not been home for the holidays for a few years so we are glad to make it back this year. Our goal has been every other year, but we have now had 2 in a row we have been home.

The kids are getting smaller Christmas "loot" this year, both for travelling and because we are saving to build our house. And we just plain have NO room for more STUFF! Especially with baby on her way so soon!

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We are sticking around, my in-laws are all coming here. They are staying in a hotel because there's not much room but my oldest friend is also coming and she is staying with us. I am not supposed to travel anymore due to very frequent BH and previous preterm labour. It's going to be interesting having so many people here... DH already told everyone that I will need help. Anytime I move too much BH start again.

We are moving 4 weeks after Christmas so we will keep the decorating simple and easy. It's just more stuff to pack up!

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Sounds nice to have everyone come to you! I am certainly not looking forward to our long drive.

Though we made a goal to go home every other Christmas, but we have missed 2 in a row now--just circumstances--and now it's time. My 5 year old doesn't ever remember "christmas at grandma's" because he was 2.5 last time we went. And my dd barely remembers--she was 5 last time. Ds1 is the only kid who really remembers a Christmas at grandma's house and sledding and snow (they get snow, we don't usually). So I am excited to go again.

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We are just staying around home as well. Thankfully most of our immediate family lives here in town or nearby. We are hosting the in laws and fam tomorrow early afternoon. I'm super stressed about it my house is a mess, so much to do, and I'm sick (bad respiratory infection) and tired darn it!! Oh well I'm sure it will fly by. Then we are going by my moms later but she's been really sick so we won't do much with her or my dad.