How is everyone?

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How is everyone?

Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks. :party: woo hoo!

We find out the gender of the baby September 13. That's a Friday the 13th. lol So exciting.

How is everyone?

How many people are active on this board?

I've been on since I was pregnant with my DS1. I've been in 3 birth boards and all were very very active..This board though isn't very active. So I am curious..I think there are only a couple of us on here. We should spread the word of, maybe more people would join. Smile

Anyways I hope all is well! Smile

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Im doing okay. Still really tired which makes life with 6 kids super hard. Plus now with school started everyone has tons of activities; soccer for 2, cheer, and volleyball. That's a lot of practices and games a week!

I think most of the boards are pretty quiet nowadays. Not sure why I've been a member forever and the bb used to be really hopping.

Cool that you get to find out the gender Sept 13th! Are you having an u/s? How far along will you be? We'll go at 16 wks to a 3d clinic to find out the sex. That's still a month away though!

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Doing pretty good here. Feeling disgusting and fat tonight but I think it's just hormones since DH just told me I'm mean. Lol. I'll be 12 weeks on Monday which I am SO happy about! I can't wait to finally be out of the scariest part of all of this and to announce on FB. I think we'll announce Monday since it's Labor Day. Lol.

I don't get another u/s until 18 weeks but I think I'm going to ask for one at 16. I'm traveling half the country to see my family in FL at the end of September and don't want to take a trip like that without knowing for a fact everything is healthy and fine first. They don't have me scheduled for one at the doc office yet but I'm thinking I'm going to ask if they can do one at my appt since I have an appt two days before I leave. Maybe they take a peak at gender while we're already there but I don't know if they will. My doc says 16-18 weeks but prefers 18 so there are no errors.

Overall though all is good and I'm starting to feel better! Managed to work out twice this week. Woohoo! And I wonder if the boards are still slow from the banning everyone who uses hotmail issue. I think there was a major problem with hotmail for some reason and the site had to ban hotmail people so everyone who had a hotmail account was locked out. Not sure though.

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I felt great for a few day and now feel absolutely horrible or the past few days again! UGHHHH!!! I am so done with the nausea. I have to literally force myself to eat and cannot open the fridge without gagging. And that is WITH medication. It's gotta end soon.

Other than that all is well. Just trying to make it through this phase and get to the second trimester. The boards were way more active back in the day... I usually check in once every day or every other day. I just find between work, tending to a toddler and feeling like crap I forget often Sad

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Sorry I went MIA. Busy last week of summer! We had to replace our roof and that was a huge job. We did it ourselves (including me, up on the roof) but had a few great friends help out for DAYS! It is done now, just in time for rain today! My kids go back to school tomorrow.

I am just over 14 weeks and we have yet to announce "to the world" yet. We have told our families but have yet to tell our kids because then the cat will be out of the bag LOL. We will tell them in the next week or 2-letting them have the excitement of starting school first and then we will tell them. We have also told a few close friends.

After I hit 12 weeks, I started feeling much better. I'm still exhausted, but the nausea is gone. I am probably more tired from a week of outdoor roofing project.

I go for my next appointment at 16 weeks on the 16th and then my u/s is scheduled for the 17th of October at 20 weeks. So I don't think we will be able to find out gender until then unless my doctor sees some reason to do an u/s when I go in at 16-but I doubt it. I just can't wait to start feeling movement so that I feel better about baby's well-being! I think I have felt flutters, but then I can never be sure!

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Had the worst morning sickness of my life between weeks 7-11. Doing MUCH better now. Still don't feel so great after meals, but I at least have an appetite again. The tiredness is very annoying. It hits me at 3pm everyday, and I have to sneak off at work to a little dark room we have in the lab for fluorescent microscopy, I have a yoga mat and little pillow and I lock the door and rest for 30 min or so. Not ideal, but I'm desperate!

Monday will be my first OB appt FINALLY! This will be the latest I've ever had the first OB appt. I am shocked they waited this long. They did call me to see if I wanted first trimester blood screening and they'd send me just to the lab (not to see the OB) for that, but I passed. I went in for an 8 week ultrasound, but only saw the u/s tech for that. We should be able to hear the heartbeat at this one.

Only 4 weeks until I start my weekly 17-P progesterone injections. Fun. Good news though, looking through my pregnancy journals from the last 2 pregnancies, at 11-13 weeks I was experiencing lots of cramping, spotting and low back pain quite frequently and only a warm bath would help. So far, I have not had any cramping whatsoever, or back pain. I had a little spotting around 7 weeks, but nothing since. Very promising I hope!! Maybe this one will be different and go fullterm (prob wishful thinking).

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I'm doing better now. Food aversions are still there but nausea is easing. I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday - so excited! Julie, sounds like everything is going great, I'm hoping for a full term baby for you!
With my last (and only) pregnancy, my water started leaking at 36 weeks 0 days. DS was finally born at 36.5. I know, not very early at all, but I am still worried that this baby might try to come even earlier... I brought it up with my doc but she said there was no reason to believe it would happen. Not too sure. I will bring it up with another doctor in the practice when I see her.