I guess I'm here... BFP!

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I guess I'm here... BFP!

I woke up on 4th of July and felt different and my temperature did another spike so figured I'd test and it was a BFP! This was the first month I tried temping and I guess that stuff works. Biggrin I've test each day since (except yesterday) and its looking strong. Having spotting, but trying not to worry about that because I spotted a TON with DS1 and it ended up being a healthy pregnancy and with a healthy baby boy delivery in December 2010.

My estimated due date per Fertility Friend is March 18th and my first appointment is August 1st. Seems like forever away!

Glad to be joining your March 2014 team! Yahoo

[IMG]http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Christinepea/IMG_20130709_051627_904.jpg" alt="" />[/IMG]

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oh..and I'll add a picture of the test series but need to remember how to add an image (its been awhile since I've been on the boards)

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Awesome!! Congrats to you!!

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Yay! Congrats!!!! Smile

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