Just had my 1st doctor's appointment. :)

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Just had my 1st doctor's appointment. :)

My doctor appointment adventure (may contain TMI LOL):
So, I get in practically right away. I'm like okay cool. Straight to the ultrasound room. She tells me it's an internal one. Shok She says "This is your 4th, I'm sure you've had these before" and I was like "Um, nope. Never." lol She's like ohhh. BUT the picture of the baby was a lot clearer, so I guess it's ok. ANYWAYS. Odd.

Done with u/s. I am like ok cool time to go home. Nope. Had to sit in a tiny room, and wait for "Dr. Isabelle"???? (I'm thinking: I see a midwife, not a doctor...but ok...) I wait for an ETERNITY, HE comes in, (I'm like ugh! I assumed with the name it was a woman. lol Oops. It's an old dude. No offense....) he asks me to go to another little room. I wait another eternity. Then he comes in, KNOWING this is my FOURTH-he still continues to blab on forever and show me this booklet, talking ALL about pregnancy.

I'm like yes...yes..yes...I know all this..........Waste. Of. Time. Then he tells me on and on about himself, and about how he's going to deliver me. (What?!)

Finally he's done with the booklet and talking. Yay. Time to go home. Nope. Then he tells me to go get my blood work done. Ok. So I get my blood drawn. (I don't recall going through all this jazz with my midwife). Finally I get ready to leave and schedule my next appointment. I say to the receptionist: "I think there's a mistake...for some reason I am seeing this Dr Isabelle guy. I always see my midwife, Becky Wagner." and she's like "Oh she's no longer here..she's at OSU now. We don't have midwives anymore. Just Dr. Isabelle." I say "............Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! O_0" I was so bummed I felt like I could cry! Why in the world wouldn't they tell me before hand that she left?

Anyways, they gave me Wagner's info. So I am going to have to call and switch over to her if I can. Which means I'd have to deliver at OSU, not St. Ann's.

So, that took forever, and it was a huge bummer to know my midwife isn't there anymore. That old guy is nice I guess, but I want my midwife! LOL ANYWAYS...on to the important part:

Baby is doing well, s/he is a little over an inch big. I could see him/her wiggling around. 169bpm heartbeat. I already gained over 10 pounds since the start of the pregnancy. LOL I better stop stuffing my face full of food! Anyways here is the adorableness below:

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What a great pic! Such a cute little babe! Sorry about your midwife though, that sucks. They should have contacted you when she left the practice to let you know! Id be super upset if my MW (also named Becky lol in fact #6 has the mn Rabecca after her and our aunts named the same) left and i wasnt informed. Im positive she'd let her patients know though. She's awesome and I wouldnt want to see the ob's nothing against some of them (its a practice of 5) but I want her and only her. GL getting in with your MW!